Has anyone ever heard of PC music?

It's like this really harsh sounding electronic and trap, experimental, odd, polarizing production but it sounds pretty next generation. It's also sometimes called "Bubblegum Bass."



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  • #2 - Beautiful was OK (would be better without the mentioned effect). The rest were not my thing. As for the Bubblegum Bass effect, it is also not really my thing either.

  • I'd like to try them out. Can't right now... since am at an orientation camp. But the description looks intriguing.

    • Ah cool bro. I'll update the question in a couple days or whenever so you get a reminder notification lol.

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    • Haha thanks man, I've had much worse days. I was looking for that song you mentioned and couldn't find it... got a link? Let me know what you think of these too, when you have the chance.

    • Of course man! :)

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