How can I buy meet and greet tickets for this singer?

I'm trying to buy tickets for a Columbian singer named maluma. On my instagram he says to buy the tickets on maluma. online and when I go there to buy you have to buy it from a columbian website and it doesn't let me pay. It gives me a reference number and it says my bank card is not accepted by the website. After 1-2 hours i get an email that my payment got rejected. I have money but when I called my bank they said no transactions for anything of that shows up. I'm confused how I can buy the ticket from that columbian site. Help. I'm so confused. Why doesn't that columbian site accept my card? At the official singers website it takes u to that site to pay. But it's not working :(


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  • Usually they go by credit cards as opposed to debit cards since they don't have the same types of banks in different countries.

    • I don't have credit cards though

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    • It says your card is not issued in Columbia therefore the number of installments to finance your purchase depends on your bank

    • I'm sorry

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  • I’m guessing that you’re not in Colombia? You may need to use PayPal. International credit cards are not accepted on some websites.

    • Y will PayPal work

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    • Generally, yes.

    • Cuz the site shows visa and MasterCard and other cards u can use but it doesn't work, so hopefully PayPal works, I checked my account on the singers site and said my purchase was cancelled so it didn't go through.

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