Which of these would you rather play or do?

Please tell why also.
  • Skating
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  • Bowling
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  • Tennis
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Bowling is okay when there's food involved. It gets boring after a while.
    Tennis depends on a lot of skill in order for it to be fun. Both bowling and tennis are repetitive and stationary. Gets kinda dry after an hour or so.
    Meanwhile skating feels more athletic, the breeze feels good, it's a nice body workout and your legs get nice and toned, although the helmets look stupid, the scenery changes and you're outside in nature. UNLESS you're skating indoors in a circle in a rink - then I suggest either or bowling / tennis because I just hate rolling around in circles all night.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Out of those three options, I’ve only ever really experienced bowling. When I was in summer camp, I went skating and could not enjoy it because I didn’t know how to skate and kept on falling. Also, I’ve never tried tennis.


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  • I enjoy ice skating, though it tends to abrade to skin on my ankles somewhat. Don't go often though.

  • Tennis can be fun. But hand ball is like street version


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