Do you like any other subgenres of electronic music other than edm?

So the majority of the people in my country think that people who love electronic music (and I'm not talking about edm but psytrance, trance, techno, etc) are weird and they all do drugs. And they also don't know how incredible are the places where we go. I wish they could see how it is. I love psychedelic stuff bc I believe it's super creative. And I love electronic music bc I just love it , you need to explore and see what you like the most, bc most people here only know techno or tech house. I love trance and psytrance and most people here don't know it. Like there's a proportion that is like and I'm friends with many , but it's the minority.
So my question are...
What do you think of what I just wrote?
Do you have any idea how something that is not so popular becomes more popular? Any ideas?
Do you like any other subgenres of electronic music apart from edm?


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  • I just have subscribed to mrsuicidesheep koala control xkito and reikwall and trap nation so it covers most of electronic. i just enjoy music but hopefully i will look into the subgenre do check out all of these channels if u dont know thanks bye

  • I love trance music. Listen to it while I work, fix and clean at home, draw, and do other things. Helps me concentrate and easy to listen to.
    Usually play anything on my ipod or trance radio

  • I love electronic music in almost all its forms from dubstep to psytrance and deep house to hardstyle


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