What was the last kids movie you watched?

I watched Cars 3 a few days ago and I thought it was pretty good lolWhat was the last kids movie you watched?What was the last kids movie you watched?


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  • Planet 51. I love the whole 1950s post war kids science fiction stuff like robots, ray guns, aliens, space ships, and flying saucers and whatnot.


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  • I watched The Adventures of Tintin (the Spielberg mo cap one from a few years back) and it had some serious pacing problems. I legit zoned out for 10 minutes and missed no plot. It was like... way too into long unbroken shots of people moving through a city chasing something. I think shots like that we're half the run time honestly. I've never read the Tintin comics or anything but I think those were like... actual adventure stories so I don't get why the movie was like this.


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