Why do you think it is that Jews run the mainstream media?

Why do you think it is that Jews run the mainstream media?


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  • jeez I would get up and get my glasses to read all of this but I'm lazy

    • I posted a higher resolution image in the updates but the TL;DR is the Higher-ups of every news media are Jewish, Coincidence I think not.

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    • how's it a conspiracy a tiny majority of the population literally OWNS the mainstream media.

    • because we don't know that for a fact, maybe it's not fully accurate even though there may be some "evidence" but eh what do we know

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  • Its essentially how history played out and favoured a certain region of people pre war

    Type of thing
    People hoard wealth. So once you get into the billions it doesn't really go away
    It just grows for generations

    • I wouldn't exactly say jews have been favoured throughout history lol, there is more to simply they have more money

    • Well bro
      The federal reserve is a private entity controlled by jews. I mean think about it. They print money across the world for a living lol

      They use america to control and gain wealth while staying in a position of power

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