Which is better... Stranger things season one or two?

Which is better... Stranger things season one or two?
Which is better... Stranger things season one or two?(That's me and my friend twinning with our stranger things sweatshirts)

If you couldn't tell already, I ADORE Stranger Things!
And this question will obviously be prone to spoilers if you like around more! So view at your own potential demise!

Personally, I'm more of a fan of the first season.. Just because I feel like the second season had a bit of unnecessary moments.. Like the inclusion of max and her bro.. Like.. Hmm.. I feel like the series could've happened without them.. They just seemed like a forced addition almost? And then there was that entire "extra" filler episode.. When Jane/eleven was and hanging out with eight.. That entire episode could've been left out and the show would've done fine.. I feel like it was only there for a potential season three.. Because if there's an Eleven and an eight.. Surely there's more numbers? Like a 1-2-3 etc.. ? So it was probably there for there to be *some* kinda content for season three if they ever end up making it..

But which season is your favorite?
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  • I didn't watch the show
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  • Season one was better, in my opinion.
    I think I've expressed this before in one of your questions, but the main reason I like the show is because of its Cosmic horror element.
    In season one, that element was really pronounced, but in season two, it was watered down and felt replaced by, like you said, that unnecessary soap opera-esque drama.

    by the way, I want your sweatshirt!

    • Yeah same! It was really interesting and definitely added a whole lot to the show! I think they watered it down because people would get too scared to watch it.. I know that my grandma couldn't watch it alone.. She always needed me there to watch it 😂

      Haha thanks!! I got it from Target 🤗

    • Haha, true... and there were a lot of people complaining that, despite being horror fans, they didn't like this kind of horror because it was actually disturbing. Which, to me, spelled "success!"... but I guess other people didn't view it that way. >.>

      Aw, Target had a Canadian expansion, but it closed its doors on us. A shame too, because they sold some pretty cool geeky shirts that I would have stocked up on a lot more had I known they would disappear. >.>

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  • I personally think season one was best. Season two was good but I feel like they tried to put too many things into it at once for the limited amount of episodes it had.

    Side note, one of my best friends and I have matching “friends don’t lie” pins that we wear to work!

    • Yeah I agree! I feel like they were trying to hype it up a bit *too* much.

      Awe! How fun! :)

  • Loved both. I actually love Max and her asshole brother and think they added a lot. You can’t just stick with the same characters all the time, there’s nothing wrong with a little fresh meat and they didn’t spoil anything, they just added to it imho.

  • I thought they we're both pretty awesome


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