What is one famous song in your language that is worth jamming to?

Would be better if I even get lyrics translation with it (send a link maybe)! I really want to listen to some heavy beat music, in different languages. Would be a fun way to know other cultures, I believe! Everyone listens to English songs.
Skip to 3 minutes for the song. Bengali has a bad reputation for not being suitable for rap but this song totally debunked it.



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  • Try to listen to Impressioni Di Settembre by PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi). Amazing Italian progressive rock band (even if this song is almost "pop"), I think they are more famous in the rest of Europe than they are here in Italy. Lyrics are beautiful: they describe the atmosphere of the part of Italy where I live so well that I can see the countryside if I close my eyes.
    That's the song (the best version, the one on the "Storia di un minuto" album): m. youtube. com/watch? v=O0JNhd9Hhpc
    These are the lyrics (translated): lyricstranslate. com/en/impressioni-di-settembre-september-feelings. html

    Let me know if you liked it!


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