JoJo's bizarre adventure?

Right so I'm a huge fan of JoJo's bizarre adventure and like it's actually really underrated where I live and was just wondering how many people here have actually read it or seen it


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  • I just started it and, I'm on ep 2. Should I continue? And, I'm watching the 26 ep one series first.

    • You should definitely continue if you're up for it, I understand that it might not be for everyone and I can't force my opinion onto someone else but it's honestly really good

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    • It gets interesting around part two because they have a new main character but don't skip anything because it might become confusing later on, part one is good and app but once you get past it then it becomes more interesting because it gets less about the big muscular men and more about thinking in certain ways to win the fight

    • Okay👍👍

  • It's good


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