Question of the year: D. C. or Marvel?

Personally, I have always loved Marvel. Grew up watching a majority of the major motion pictures. However, watching Gotham and playing the Batman Series for Play Station changes a person 😂. When it comes to films, Marvel nails it. However, I would say Batman is my favorite super hero.
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  • DC.

    Marvel is more the liberal stuff. Look at the comics and how they literally got rid of all white men from the avengers. The gay x-men. All that crap. See, Marvel is the proletariat. Like Spider-Man--a common kid who randomly got powers. The X-Men (as much as I love Rogue, Gambit, and Wolverine) are mostly random unlucky people, except for bad guys like Magneto who think it's a divine gift or such.

    DC is mostly the Aristocrats. Superman wasn't randomly given powers--it's his family line. He's like the last of a royalty trying to honor his family. Diane isn't a random unlucky person--she's a daughter of an amazon queen and Zeus. She's another royalty/noblewoman trying to honor her family line and do what's right. Batman is similar--his identity comes from his family. The Waynes, who built Gotham. Nobless Oblige.


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  • I like a lot of the DC heroes more, and loved the animated shows.

    there's still a number of Marvel ones that I like. Their movies are generally better and the netflix shows are miles ahead of the DC ones on CW


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