Anyone else into Gary Numan?

Im a huge fan n going to see him again in dublin march 29th... here's an instrumental cover of a fab song frim Jagged album called Blind. Awwsome... put headphones on n play at full volume.


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  • The instrumental sounds nice. I can imagine it sounding better with some singing. It kind of reminds me of the instrumentals in Muses (Rock band) songs

    • The original is called Blind from 2006 n has full vocal check it iut. Its v v powerful.. again full volume. Muse are awesome too

    • It was the first time I listened to it (including the singing) and it's become my jam. Its rare for me to like old school songs (unless it's The Beatles, Nirvana or Led Zeppelin). I think pretty much everyone agrees that the Muse are awesome ✌

  • Loved it 😍 the beat in the background is so eerie, it's a sound that's hard to forget!!


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