What is your reaction to these music videos?

I am weird out and enjoying the shit out of these videos.


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  • Seems like the themes are 1 men are awful 2 girls should be lovers and fuck the guys 3 men are evil we should kill them whrn they get in our way. These are very sexist songs

    • the singer in the videos is a guy and the men song is about those guys who try to get pussy by putting down other males as pigs go look and read the lyrics. I think 2nd is just a video about someone wanting to tell the person they love how they feel. and I am pretty sure the 3rd song is about how bouncer will only let in a certain type of women and ignore the ones that look like the anime singer in the video.

    • Firstly blanket statements hurt everyone and you don't have to not be apart of the people you talk shit about. Secondly if the second video was about telling someone that you like or love them why the Twitter smear campaign in the club and third that man is doing his job and has a very strict number of people that can be let in that his employer dictates, it's not his fault and she wants to tear his head off

    • Um have you been to a club there many times people been rejected because of their looks, the 2nd song she literally said she was willing to ruin their friendship for them to be lovers so she doesn't sound like she very logical lol and lastly, people are allow to make songs about certain people like the 1st song about those guys who put down other males to get pussy you can't call someone sexist when there are guys out there like that. The singer himself is not saying men are pigs he talking about men who think other men are pigs. Doesn't make him sexist.

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