What entertainment series do you think has the most insufferable fanbase?

This can be television, videogames, books, music, movies, etc.

I'd have to say many anime fans (i. e., DBZ and Pokemon) and fans of Sonic the Hedgehog (there is some WEIRD fan art & fan fiction) take the care for me.


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  • The most annoying group of fans that I've ever encountered makes me annoyed to even think about 💀 I'm not sure.. But you might be familiar with the PC game five night at Freddy's? FNAF... But that entire fan base truly disgusts and annoys me.. The fact that people write fan fictions and go totally bonkers over animatronics just.. It just really gets out of hand really fast.. Also.. (Totally not a coincidence)... The people who I know who are die hard FNAF fans also happen to be *the*
    Most annoying and obnoxious people I've ever met in my life. So that's definitely not in their benefit haha.
    (I have a very mild headache from even thinking about this 😂 To be completely honest..)

    • I know, right? Honestly, that series had slipped my mind. Yeah, FNAF fans are a weird bunch, and the game isn't even particularly good. lol. Some of the weirdest stuff they do is on DeviantArt. I mean, why would anybody mix My Little Pony and FNAF? Ugh.

      Thanks for answering. :-)

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  • Pretty much any fanbase. But I have to be honset, the Mario Brothers fanbase isn't too tainted as of now and that makes me happy.


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  • All off them.
    People get soooo obsessed with things.
    Hate people who also cannot take criticism that's the worst.

    First thing I think about is damn sport fans.

  • Honestly, all of them that targets a younger demographic. A lot of entertainment series nowadays aren't limited to one medium.


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