What is your favourite sport to watch during the Olympics?

If you're a fan of the Olympics what is the sport you can't miss? Mine is figure skating!


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  • Sports fans sometimes believe they could legitimately compete. We play baseball and football in our backyards. We shoot hoops in our driveways. We dabble in Sunday soccer leagues.

    Most of us cannot pretend we could be competitive gymnasts.

    Olympic gymnasts are real-life superheroes. They fly through the air with the greatest of ease. They complete feats of strength beyond our capabilities. There is a balance and rhythm to every gymnastics competition. Fans sit and marvel while watching balance beam and pommel horse performances. Floor routines then bring in-arena customers to their feet in excitement and appreciation.

    It also doesn't hurt that female American gymnasts are often the biggest stars of any Olympics.


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  • bobsledding, skiing... anything that doesn't possibly lead to a malfunction... lmbo


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