Younger getting ready for Season 5?

I’m so excited for Younger season 5. If anyone on the site has ever watched it tell me what team are you on. Team Liza & Charles or Team Liza & Josh?
  • Younger getting ready for Season 5?Team Liza & Charles
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  • Younger getting ready for Season 5?Team Liza & Josh
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What Guys Said 2

  • Going on Season 5 and I've never heard of this show... is this in USA?

    • It’s a good show. It’s about a woman Liza who’s a mother in her 40’s, has a daughter who just got outta college, divorced and is trying to find a job in publishing. No one is wanting to hire a 40 yr old for publishing. Her friend Maggie comes up with a brilliant idea to lie her age. Be a 26 yr old and lands a job in a publishing company in nyc as an assistant for the person in charge of marketing. She meets a guy Josh who’s 26 doesn’t know her real age until the lies keep coming on and on. Her boss is 40’s years old and finds Liza very attractive. She finds a friend named Kelsey actress Hillary Duff who does editing in the company. So the only person who knows in season 1 she’s 26 is Maggie actress Debbie Mazzor, Actress Sutton Foster is Liza.

    • That scenario sounds so familiar. Maybe I have heard of it and just never got around to watching it. Where do you watch it?

    • TvLand network.

  • Do not care


What Girls Said 1

  • There wasn't a season 3 even yet... what season 5?

    • I voted Liza and Josh because that would make the series more interesting than if she was with Charles, even though Charles would be a better fit for her.

    • by the way I have a selfie of Nico & me same with Sutton. I dog walk and mg clients dog went up to Nico dog Sun. While he and his girlfriend was having lunch. I saw him first he knew right away I know who he is. He was nice enough to take a selfie with me. I was up early went to Starbucks. Passed by Sutton like 2 times without recognizing her w/o makeup on. She was on a rush but was sweet to take a quick pic with me. I swear after seeing Nico trying to post it on Instagram my hands were so shaky so hard to type bc I was so star struck.

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