Why do people want followers on Instagram?

Don't social media much and Instagram and Twitter just never appealed to me. I've seen people basically beg for followers on IG and I don't know why. Whats the goal. Is there material benefit or what. I feel old and in the way.


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  • We live in the society, where media influence majority of young people and teenagers. Especially at this age, many of them go through depression and anxiety. By getting likes and followers they feel better, more confident, liked and accepted. That is why they often choose online life rather than real one. They think it will help them to get out of the bad feelings, but that's wrong. That is also some sort of copetition between them. The more likes and followers you get, the more popular they feel.


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  • To feel more important... it's a pretty shallow way to boost your ego.
    For some people it is as important as life itself that they have a lot of subscribers/followers/likes on social media


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