Who do you think is smarter, Lois Lane or Lana Lang?

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  • It’s hard to decide but Lana is a way more attractive, charming and loving, so I say Lana. I don’t really like (Lois x Clark) in the smallville show, because they used to bully each other, I préfère the sweet and Gentle couple like (Clark x Lana). It’s obvious that Clark has always loved Lana, but they’re destiny we’re against that. If Lana wasn’t get intoxicated by kryptonite by lex luthor, Clark will never have any romantic feeling for Lois. He was even able to live with Lana, despite that he can’t touche her! Which is a real act of love, but she loved him so much that she decided to leave him so he can get a happier life. Lana was just unlucky. But Lois has arrived on the right time, that why she ended up with Clark

  • Lois

  • Lois!


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