Metal-head question, have you ever heard of the band Alpha Wolf? Do you like them?

  • Yes, i know who they are and i like them.
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  • No, i have never heard of them.
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  • Yes, i have heard of them and don't like them.
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  • I feel like I may have heard the name before in passing before, but I’ve never really listened to them much.

    Honestly, I don’t really like their music for the same I don’t like Emmure’s stuff. It’s alright I guess, but it’s nothing special to me. It’s missing an interesting melody imo— like it’s centered mostly 8th note grooves (assuming you interpret the tempo as faster), and it’s lacking guitar lead work.

    Live, it’d probably have a lot of energy like a lot of metal bands, but the sound itself doesn’t stand out for me. I tend to personally like the syncopated djent sort of sound but with more melodic components. Hmm... The closest band to this style that I like is Counterparts, but they’re more hardcore-ish. (My favorite bands are Napoleon and ERRA for reference.)

    • Emmure is the best metal band in existence. What the fuck are you on?

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    • Aren't you a metal enthusiast? If so, you should know what slam is. Its a metal category. Listen to the song I mentioned above.

    • @Zayah Ahh it’s not a style I’m much into. I may have heard it in passing though not something I really checked out. I’ll listen to stuff like it live because the energy is great, but that’s about it

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  • No, i have never heard of them.


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