Is anyone else a fan of The Flash (the tv show)? If so, lets chat about it?

I love The Flash and i would really like to talk about the show with like minded people. If you like the show as well, let me know your thoughts about it and the latest episodes😎🤓😛


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  • Agreed iris is kind of a stick in the mud now.
    She used to be more alluring now it's like "really? dis bitch?"

    • That was supposed to be on @chunkysalsa post. But whatever GaG ill just leave it here

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    • Exactly!!!

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  • The show started out pretty strong, but I think everything with Barry and Iris kinda drags it down.

    • I think so too. It started strong but like it does have some pretty good episodes here and there. But some of the time, its been iris that drags down the show for me.

    • I will say that I like the direction they're going with the villain though. It got kinda old when they were all speedsters that were faster than him. Lol

    • Yeah. DeVoe is crazy! You saw the last episode right? I have never read the comics so its all new to me. But yeah i get you. Im kinda glad that the other speedsters left. Like it totally defeats the beginning when he says he's the fastest man alive. Like no barry. You aren't even the only speedster!

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  • It annoys me that it decides it go on a 2 week break I wanted to watch it this wee😭

    • Right!!! I was like wtf because they just had a break. The wait is agonizing!! I need to see some action lmao

    • Thank God it's back next week though😂😂

    • I know. I am so ready. I really wanna find out who that chick is that paid for the coffee and why she keeps popping up. I also wanna know whats gonna happen with DeVoes wife

  • Yes U Can Talk to me... I'm the Fastest Man Alive... ;)

  • Well shoot I only binge watch what hits Netflix

    • I did too unril my friend told me about CW. Its an app that shows all the shows from CW and the flash is on there. Its all free. But like after a certain amount of time, they delete episodes.

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