'Invisible Victims'? Another poem? How is it :)?

I was talking to one of my friends whose parents have separated. We were discussing about her life, the difficulties she has faced and the situations she has gone through.
I ended up with this poem!

Invisible Victims

The wars can be of many types
Hate overpowers wisdom sometimes
Yet may it be of ages bygone
Or the situations just coming along
The most ignored are the ones who suffer a lot
Victims who are left to wonder if they're visible or not

Some wars are fought with sticks and stones
Aiming to kill or break the bones
Unknown to them their rivalry's reason
Clouds of hate consuming their wisdom
Blindly they keep of following the path of violence
Maybe they are 'weak' if they remain silent
So thinking of themselves as powerful and great
They end up destroying and cursing their own fate

Others are the wars which do not use stones
But are more dangerous as they shake the souls
For somehow ointments can heal the bones
But no one keeps am account of the broken hopes
As it is rightly said and you might know
That band-aids don't fix bullet holes
Affected are the ones who can't control
Who aren't even allowed to groan or moan

Ignoring their shouts they are left unheard
Forced to manage through others' blunders
They have no choice
But to live with the noise
And to walk through those lonely roads
With broken spirits they have to search for their home
Cause they do not know where they actually belong
They have been wondering if they are visible or not!

I hope you like it! :)


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