Good, somewhat light-hearted series/movie to watch before bed on netflix?

I really need some suggestions! Nothing too heavy but doesn't have to be modern family -degree silly either. Preferably not a teenage series like degrassi, gossip girl, the end of the effing world etc.
I've watched: modern family, friends, lovesick, gilmore girls (boring), fresh meat (kinda shit)
Thanks, I'm sure some of these will be nice :)


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  • Try a tv series there r a lot of good ones I have been watch flash but kinda been busy so I missed the new series but it's really good it's got love action science and they go into deep details on how the meta powers work by telling what the body is doing to allow that meta to ha r the power that they have they also do the multiverse theory as well and cross between arrow supergirl and dc legends of tomorrow


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  • Confession of a shopaholic
    27 dresses
    Another Cinderella story


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