Can you recommend me a good caller tune?

Well, I get caller tunes free of cost in my phone but, the quantity of songs to choose from is limited. Like, I wanted something rockier but, I had to keep Attention by Charlie Puth. I used Livid Colour Cult of Personality (Cm Punk's theme) but, it didn't turn out to be as clear as, i wanted it to be.
So, can you recommend me a good song for a caller tune which would be available and, good too.


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  • I honestly just pick a line from a youtube video. I downloaded the episode of filthy franks with the "Welcome to the rice feilds motherf****r". All you meed is like a mp3 download from youtube and like a mp3 cutter.

    • Honestly if you go the route that i did you have endless possibilities. Just dont pirate music ya know

    • Well, I have to choose from the existing list of music so, I can't add that.
      I like rock, nu metal and, that song's aren't available as caller tunes.
      And, about piracy, you don't need to tell me that

    • Well what yee got. And i mainly said the piracy for a general disclaimer.

  • How about knight Rider theme or Star Trek communicater hail

    • I'll see if, I could find it. But, the app generally only has songs so, I doubt I'll find them

    • Yeah it probably won’t have those

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