Has your girlfriend's body changed from when you first started dating? Do you like it?

I was looking at old pictures with my boyfriend and both of our bodies changed since we first got together. He has gotten more muscular and I have bigger boobs. Other than that we look pretty much the same (we've been together for 4 years). What about you guys? :)


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  • Never had a girlfriend but tbh I always dream of that where I spend so much time with her where we can notice the changes in each others bodies.

  • Every woman's body changes with time. If the relationship lasts long enough, her body will change.

    • Yeah you're right :) I first met my boyfriend when I was 18 so obviously changes are bound to happen lol

  • Yeah, I got a little bigger belly and she her boobs got one cup size bigger (I'm talking about my ex)

    • Did you mind the changes or did it make a difference to you?

    • I loved her the way she was and didn't care how she was looking. She didn't mind my belly as well

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