Have you seen black panther?

Have you seen black panther?Have you seen black panther?Have you seen black panther?
I wasn’t actually too excited to go see this movie
i just wanted to get out, so I ended up going and seeing this... & it was worth every penny.

I could tell this movie would be great by how it started, they had like some ritual, taking the black panther power out of the black panther so he could fight fairly for his spot as king...
the fight was intense..

& no homo when I say this but...
michael b Jordan... damn boy. 😂
that’s motivation!

i was high when I saw this by the way
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I saw it and it was really great, I was a little extra and wore African styled clothing. But I went to an expensive theater to go see it so I wanted to dress up. I loved the movie too, and my favorite character was his little sister actually. Loved her personality and she was just so pretty to me. Graphics are insane as well.

    • My favorite character was Michael
      I guess since I’ve always liked him as an actor and some with a great personality
      It was easy to call him my favorite in this too

      Although I don’t think he made a good villain.. he’s too cool of a person to be evil

    • Agreed, the villian he played made sense but it didn't fit him well

    • My fav character was his sister too! I knew I would love her when we first saw her and she gave him the middle finger 😂 and she basically made the suit and everything and she's super pretty and smart. I'm so excited to see her in Infinity War

Most Helpful Guy

  • i saw it a couple hours ago and it was ok... let's rephrase that, it was really good, for a superhero movie. it was slightly above average for a regular movie. it just felt a little too tropy and standard marvel movie-esque


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  • Seeing it tomorrow!!

  • I haven't

  • Yes, and it was AMAZING.

  • I've seen it twice, lol

  • Apparently some people from South Africa who did go and watch this movie said they left early because it had racism in it from the blacks.


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