Does anyone know any good anime?


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  • Death Parade, steins;gate and death note.

    And Hetalia


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  • I really thought the first two seasons of the Fate series were really good. I enjoyed Akame ga Kill as well. Erased is decent. I'm guessing you've already checked out Death Note and Attack on Titan. Future Diary is another one of my favorites. I liked Your Lie in April. Re:Zero and No Game No Life were pretty popular. Code Geass is pretty good. Stein's Gate as well. Last but not least, I really liked the Berserk: Golden Age Arc movie.

    If you like fantasy stuff then Akame ga Kill, Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Zero, and Berserk are my top picks for you.


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  • Yeah, any particular genre?

    • something like fairytale, one piece, seven deadly sins

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    • I haven't watched all of these but, you can check them out:-
      My hero Academia
      Sword Art Online
      Soul Eater
      Magi The Lybrith of Magic
      Katekyo Hitman Reborn
      Akame Ga Kill
      D Gray man

    • If, you need a thriller like Death Note, you can try Code Geass, One Outs, Spiral, When they Cry, Future Diary, Go Sick, Steins Gate etc.

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