In One Piece, who will the Straw hats end up marrying?

In my opinion:-
Luffy:- Nami or Hancock
Zoro:- Tashigi or Perona
Ussop:- Kaya or Perona
Sanji:- Probably single or, some new character.
Robin:- Law or Franky
Franky:- Robin or single
Brook:- Single
Nami:- Luffy or maybe Ussop or a slight chance for Sanji.


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  • Let me know if they actually find the one piece, then I'll actually start watching it. I heard it's been over a decades worth of episodes, yet not luck for the

    • Lol, it will take some time.πŸ˜‚
      Although, it gets interesting after the Sabaody Archaepalego arc. You can't quit after that.

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    • If I like the couple as individuals, I would usually be into their love story. I think I'll like it though :P

    • Yeah, probably. I got bored tho.

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