Should homosexual romance be portrayed in children's films?

Should homosexual romance be portrayed in children's films?

  • Yes, Just like heterosexual romance
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  • Yes, children's movies should particularlly focus on homosexual romance
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  • No, only heterosexual romance should be portrayed in children's movies
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  • No, romance itself shouldn't be portrayed in children't films
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Children's movies don't need to be particularly romantic in my opinion but showing both heterosexual and homosexual couples would only be fair. Both should be presented in a neutral way, though.

    • And how are you going to insure "neutral" way? Like creating 12 movies with homosexual romance per 88 movies ( 12 percent population is gay) or showing 12 minutes of gay romance in every movie after showing 88 minutes of straight romance?

    • No, that's not what I meant. I meant that neither should be presented to be better than the other. If anything, the ratio of homosexual to heterosexual couples should be realistic. This obviously differs from country to country but it wouldn't be very realistic to have only gay couple or vice versa because that's not what society looks like.

    • And just to be clear, I'm referring to adult couples here. I don't think romance between kids is something that should necessarily be portrayed in kid's movies.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Well they already had Mulan, a tale about a trans man who falls for a man.
    We've already had Disney movies about bestiality and inter-species marraige.


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What Girls Said 19

  • Yes. Because your sexuality is pretty much set in stone by the time that you’re 4, so there are definitely little kids who are gay watching children’s movies. Show them that it’s normal and how it can be healthy.

    • Not against it but I wasn't sexually attracted towards either of genders when I was 4

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    • @SnowHearth Mine was set in stone by around 5. Maybe that is an average of when people realize or something, but I know a lot of people who knew by the ages of 5-6 what they were interested in romantically. Maybe people just do not have the words to define it until 21 or they are not sexually active? People generally know before they have sex though.

    • @wolfcat87 I would guess that almost everyone knows their sexuality before they’re sexually active.

  • The world would be healthiest if it wasn't portrayed at all... in kid's movies...
    What do they need with romance?
    They're kids.

    Kids should remain kids for as long as they have that privileged and right.

  • Too late now Mr PD, that horse has already escaped the corral... lol

  • It's not our choice if homosexual romance should be portrayed in children's films. It's the film companies choice.

    Personally, I would have no issues with it. There already have been gay characters before.

  • No, it shouldn't be. Kids tend to do whatever they see.

    • Did you ever watch chicken run?

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    • @aestheticsofty and how will a boy kissing another boy make him ill?

      Plus, it’s not like the Princess and the Frog is some obscure story. You could read it to a kid and they could go off to kiss a frog. The movie isn’t the problem here - it’s the fact that no one told the kid that most amphibians are poisonous.

    • I kissed frogs and never got sick. I got that from a book though. My kids watch kissing in movies an have never kissed anyone. I explained herpes to them. XD

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What Guys Said 19

  • Absolutely not. Homosexuality and lesbianism is so against the natural order of biology and nature. In essence is perversion.

    A child's mind is still innocent and developing and exposing such immorality as homosexuality is wrong before the eyes of a child.

    • exactly!

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    • @wolfcat87: Humans are animals? Are you kidding me?

      You believe whatever man tells you in a book. Shame on you.

      Animals don't have a moral conscience of what is morally right vs wrong.

      A animal will urinate and defecate right in front of a crowd and think nothing of it.

      Get a clue and quit being stupid.

    • Humans have very different ideas on what's right and wrong. Most humans have done something you'd call wrong. Many humans will go potty in front of a crowd...

      No need for ad hominem attacks if you have a reasonable logic based response. lol. I don't need a book to use common sense to see that we are very much animals. Humans do far worse than animals with this "moral conscience" you speak of. Rape, mass murder, serial killing, torture, sadism, pollution, mass destruction, genocide, slavery. How are we superior again? Because some of us use toilets? A cat can use a toilet. XD

  • It should be represented in a fair way. Not overly romanticized or stereotypical. Sexual attraction is just another personality trait, not some kind of characterization

  • Well, kids are the future of society and what they learn in childhood will shape their outlook of the world in general
    Homosexuality is of no use to the society (lack of reproduction)
    So teaching them a socially useless act as completely normal will undermine the efficiency of the future of the society
    However, if they teach that homosexual people also get kids by surrogacy in movies then that's ok (birth rate is important to me)

    • Actually, historically, homosexual people actually boosted the survival and prosperity of their siblings' children. They also filled niches in society by caring for the abandoned and orphaned children of others. They do not have to have children to have always been useful to society.

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    • @wolfcat87 "That's hilarious. Listen, a single woman can give birth to at least 5 children in most cases."
      A woman's potential to give birth to a certain number of kids does not imply that she wishes to do so, and probably doesn't care about the falling birth rate either

      If this takes place in a society where homosexuality is encouraged and supported, obviously even women's rights and freedom is encouraged and supported in the same society
      To achieve the number of kids you stated, we'd have to lock her up at home and force her to give birth to more kids, no sane woman is going to do it out of her own will and we will be unable to convince her to do so... if not, then low birth rate problems wouldn't even exist but they do
      It's still better to stop the 50% from having same sex relationships and force them to have hetero relationships than trying to make the other 50% carry extra fetuses for months and have a risky delivery which may or may not succeed for either the mother or the chil

    • You miss the point. The point is that homosexuals are not a population issue. By your logic that homosexuals being a population issue makes them a menace... infertile people are int he same boat, women who have less children are in the same boat, people disinterested in sex are in the same boat, people who decide to have children later in life are in the same boat, people who know they'd be awful parents and choose not to have children are in the same boat. All of these categories far outweighing homosexuals. Basically, your logic is illogical. XD

  • No, it shouldn't be.

    It's more of the "agenda", and it's gone far enough already.

    • thank god someone said it

    • @PrincessVV Thanks - I'm not afraid to stand up and be counted when it comes to this kind of thing, and it seems like a lot of people agree with me. ✌️

    • Tbh this agenda that is being pushed really scares me...

  • "It depends on the creative vision. I don't habe a problem with it per se but please don't just shove it inside to tick off a box. Trust me, when it comes to homosexuality and just shoving it inside you'll have a bad time, dude."

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