Who should I draw next?

It will take some time coz u know... studies. I do it when i take a break.
  • Mastered ultra instinct goku
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  • Vegeta
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  • Other ( tell me)
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  • Gohan
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Most Helpful Girl

  • The dragon from deltora Quest.

    • Whoa!!! I just googled and its soooooo freaking cool that i won't be able to draw it well enough

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    • I didn't even know what it looked like when I suggested it. Just sounded cool :P And in style with what other things you were suggesting. You wanna draw a duck in a puddle next to a water tanker?

    • Id draw oggy

Most Helpful Guy

  • O I got this: because I got a limit number of pictures I will send two.

    • Buddy that goten's picture gave me a brilliant idea? How about Black Ultimate gohan just like we had black goku?

    • Do you mean with the black suit? Would look dope. Defenetly! You should, that would be so original.

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