Who's your favourite shark on Shark Tank?

Who's your favourite shark on Shark Tank??
  • Kevin O Leary
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  • Mark Cuban
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  • Barbara Corcoran
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  • Daymond John
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  • Robert Herjavek
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  • Lori Greiner
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm stuck between daymond and the very first guy. voted daymond bc he's a 250millionaire who didn't let dyslexia break him and he's a fashion designer


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  • I like Mark, Robert, Lori, and Daymond... Daymond John came to do a lecture at my college back when I was in school. Pretty cool... definitely an interesting one to attend!

  • I view that whole show as a depressing example of business as entertainment. A bunch of plutocrats and business moguls making fun of people who come to them with their life passions begging for investment. It isn't all bad but nonetheless I view it as corrosive. That being said I have always wanted to bang the blonde with the long hair, so I must say she is my favorite.

  • Realy? Kevin O Leary is the best? I have never thought that. He is totally unfriendly I hate almost all of them but the only friendly one who realy seems to be interested on the product and the people is Robert

  • The sharks


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