Competitive gaming: What's your take?

Check a bit of this video out here. What do you think about competitive gaming? Does this look fun to you? Did you find anything impressive about any of it? Having played this game a lot, I will tell you, they are doing some incredible stuff!


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  • Eh, I'd much rather play a game myself then watch someone else play it, but that's with all games/sports so nothing personal. But just like with sports, seeing someone pull off an amazingly impossible move is freaking awesome


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  • competitive gaming is cool makes me feel like i do not know how to play the game watching pros play lol.


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  • Thats what ruined Call of Duty, skill based matchmaking, weapon varians, unbalance small maps and kind on gfuel to name a few. So my not amused

    • Call of Duty isn't ruined lol. It's still the biggest console game bro

    • Well that's exactly what built Halo. It was the COD structure and elements that started ruining that series.

      If anything the newest COD is one of the better ones I've played (I just play unranked TDM). The maps are small and pretty balanced actually. It feels like you can control the map more than ever now.

  • Haha

    • These guys make good money bro. No laughing matter.

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    • Whatever makes Them happy, I really don’t care much

    • I'm just saying it's no matter to scoff at lol

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