Should I go to a concert all by myself?

I really want to go to this Maroon 5 concert when they come to town in a few months so I have to buy tickets in advance. The only thing is, I have no one really close to go with. Is is acceptable or would it be weird to go alone to a concert? Would it be acceptable to ask a girl I don't even know out to the concert since it is months away?

Should I just buy two tickets just in case I can find someone? I do not just want the ticket to go to waste though so I really don't know what to do!


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  • If you don't have someone close in mind , I don't see a problem to go to concert alone at all, I think you 'll be able to meet new people there and as long as you can take care of yourself, no point.
    But if you really want to , can ask on fb in general and see who is willing to go with you

    • I''ll see who I can find to go with me lol. I'm going to buy the tickets for whoever I find so I just need to find someone awesome to just go with me 😂

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  • It is fine to go by yourself. But I think if you have a few months until the show, then that should be plenty of time to find someone to go with you.

    • Should I just wait to buy tickets then?

    • It probably would be cheaper to buy them now, but for a big show like that you can always buy from Stubhub right up until the day of the show.

    • OK! I'll wait a month or two and see who I can find. If not I'll just go solo. 😂

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  • Don't need to be so romantic, maybe just a friend or a family member, but to go single could also be fine, but it might be lonesome. But then again it's a concert. It will probably be a lot of fun.

    • True. I really lack close friends though soo 😂, and I don't want to go with a family member. So I think I will wait a bit before I buy em and see if I can find someone to go with me if not solo will be what I do lol

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    • The shows in June, they already started selling.

    • Exactly. Tickets for these kind of show don't last long. Probably already gone if the sale has started.

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