Friends in GTA? Best gun?

So me and my brother bought GTA like a year ago and we played story mode together for a while... then we kind of stopped. Recently I discovered GTA online and I started playing it.

S far I’ve only done races and mission and those death matches and hardest target and all those. I’m pretty average at it. Sometimes I’m really good and get killing streaks and all kinds of stuff and sometimes I‘m meh, average.

Anyway - I have two questions about the game for those who play!

1) How do I make friends? I want friends I can play with and do missions with instead of random people who randomly kick me off missions... I know no one who plays GTA except my brother but we use the same game so we can’t really play together...

2) how do you make a gun do more damage? Is there something you can buy and add to it?


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  • Damn you are late af. Find friendly people on the game and send them a request. Invite people to do missions with you.


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