Which Marvel movie was better; black Panther or the latest Thor movie? Why?

I like both, but I gave the edge to Black Panther.
  • Black Panther
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  • Thor: Ragnarok
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  • I preferred Ragnarok, but I’m a little biased in that Thor and Loki are one of my favourite character combinations. I’ve loved watching Thor’s progression from a cocky self entitled prince to where we meet him in Ragnarok. Even the line in the Quinn jet where he’s trying to guess his password and eventually cracks and says ‘damn you Stark, Point Break?’ I Just loved the ease that has become a part of him.


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  • Just because they ruined my favorite hulk comic "planet hulk" this ragnarok had no plot what so ever. The director just said hey! Let's do this and this also this throw planet hulk in there and piss the whole fan base off. Destroy Asgard for the hell of it. Get some gladiator action going on. Also kill miek it's not like he wasn't the most likeble character in the comics. Whilst we try to fit a whole city inside a spaceship that is way to small for all of asgard.

    • Yeah I thought it was a bit odd as well... The humor was good. But it didn't follow a line.. it was scattered. But I still thought it was ok.

    • Oh damn - I thought I was the only one who thinks that it's just another cheesy movie.
      I actually like JL than Thor 3. Let the bashing begin.

    • I never saw anything wrong with green lantern. It's just a bunch of anti cgi' s I personally like cgi it helps so much in movies and imagination. It's like people want to go back to the 50s with painted canvass backgrounds or some shit lol

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  • I haven't seen Black Panther but I feel like it's better than Thor 3.

  • I like Black Panther more. :)

  • I'm crying
    Right now!


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