So, I bought the entire series of Friends and find I still love it after all this time, am I crazy?


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  • Not crazy.
    Some shows are like that. Just so good you can watch over and over again.
    For me it's
    Friends, Simpson's, Frasier, Everyone loves Raymond.


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  • No, they are still great and will always be


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  • So no one told you you were crazy in this way?
    You're a joke, most likely broke, and your love life's gonna pay.
    It's like your taste in shows' in second gear,
    when you laugh at Ross, and Chandler, and even Joey, but...
    I'll be there for you (when your brain starts to fall),
    I'll be there for you (even though it is a chore),
    I'll be there for you (cause you're there for me too)
    *show Ross kissing Rachael*
    The End.

    • You're obviously a fan of the show

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    • Yeah, I wasn't sure :)

    • Haha, I guess that was the whole joke.

  • yep! that show just isn't that good...

    • I guess it's understandable that some people don't like that show.

    • and i guess i'm just being mean. simpsons is that show for me. i put on dvds in the background just to kick back and relax. its comfortable and familiar

    • Simpsons is a good one

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