What's your theme tune for today?

This has been on loop for the past hour for me:

Star Sky - Final Fantasy XV

I've never played any of the FF games but this track has me hooked at the moment.

What's yours?


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  • Right now I'm really stuck on Silent Forest - Kingdom Hearts 0.2 soundtrack, Gaur Plains - Xenoblade Chronicles and the Fallout New Vegas music they use on the radio


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  • Never have been interested in games, never watch them (only under pressure of my son lol), it makes me too nervous and tensed (as I imagine it happens in REAL lol)
    BUT! I adore the skills of visual artists! who made it. Actually, there are a lot of famous Poles creating games.
    Dying Light (the terrible story about zombies) and The Witcher (1-3)... with many Polish folk accents - there are top games played around the world.

    • Indeed!!! It's very easy to forget how much time and effort go into making a game look good visually and be immersive from a musical point of view... real talent!
      What makes me laugh is that no matter which generation, most teenagers hate classical music BUT put them in front of any hollywood blockbuster movie and they won't even notice that half of the music being played is classical music and will in fact love the film in part because of it!

    • Right :)

  • Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

  • The Mortal Kombat theme song...


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