Do you want to see Dragon Ball continue?

Do you want to see Dragon Ball continue?

What are your thoughts on Dragon Ball Super ending? and should Dragon Ball be continued, what story do you think they could pursue?


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  • All good things must come to an end.
    Epic multiverse power overload that ends in either a big bang (cataclysmic epic tragedy) or every super being ever becoming completely powerless (happyish everything's back to norms norm ending).

  • They don't have anything to show.
    If, they're planning turn Frieza on Zeno, it would be great.
    Else, Vegeta can go to that Saiyans planet. Or, maybe Goku becomes an Angel or God if Destruction

    • They could definitely do a Planet Sadala arc, where Vegeta meets the King and Goku just tags along because he's Goku.

      Dragon Ball could also explore the new characters and retire the old ones. I love the OG's as much as anyone but I also like Hit, Champa, Vados, Caulifla, not so much Kale at the moment, but they can explore their characters more. The other universes as well, if they are brought back. Retire old characters and develop new ones. Also, Goten and Trunks need to grow up lol and there is still the story with Uub.

      As far as the power plateau with Ultra Instinct and whatnot. They could either lose their ability to use God Ki, or maybe they could have some beings that were there before Zeno, the Angels, and the Gods of Destruction. Kind of like the Titans of Greek Mythology, and they can't be erased by Zeno because they were there before.

      There are possibilities if they take their time and let those creative juices flow. Super felt a bit rushed at times and under developed

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