A comic book moral dilemma, based of the series 100 bullets?

So in this moral dilemma, you had your life ruined, maybe your family was murdered, maybe you were framed for a crime, doesn't matter, the life you had was ruined.

A man in a high quality black suitwho have never met before approaches you, his name is Graves,
He knows nearly everything about you, more importantly, he hands you a briefcase.
Inside the briefcase is irrefutable proof that the person or persons are responsible for ruining your life, additionally, inside the briefcase is a pistol, and 100 rounds of ammunition for it.
The pistol and bullets are intractable, any law enforcement investigation will immediately cease once the bullets are found and you are essentially above the law.
this is the plot of a comic book series called 100 Bullets.
What would you do.
A comic book moral dilemma, based of the series 100 bullets?


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  • Why is this a moral dilemma? Bitches are going to die.

  • There is irrefutable proof in the case that they killed the person or ruined my life? I'd like to think I'd take it to the authorities but I feel like I would go after my own justice.


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  • If that briefcase held irrefutable proof then I could put each and every one responsible behind bars to face life imprisonment or capital punishment. This isn't a moral dilemma really, it's just asking if you would take revenge.

    When I think of a moral dilemma I'm thinking of making a choice between two horrible outcomes


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