I have an idea for a club I wanna do, but I don't know what else to do?

So, I really wanna start a writing club where all of us can write short stories and share them with each other. Each month there's a new theme and one person gets to pick a new theme each month. The thing is, I'm not really sure how to recruit people and how to get it started. Can anybody give me ideas? I mean, I know I can create posters and stuff, but I can go for other ideas too, to keep my options opened.


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  • Id say creat a web page lije wattpad or something like that, invite friends and others over who are into those thing and have your friends spread the word. Me personally i would love join. I have great ideas but tell a story like a rookie. Im not descriptive or smart with my words but i can make a great novel. So give that a shot.

  • Doki Doki!


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  • That sounds like fun, keep me posted 🙂 my idea would be a theme of super powers and rebellions.


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