Which one would you choose?

When watching a video on YouTube, how do you go about liking or disliking it? For instance, let's say a particular video have some stuff you like and dislike in it, which option would you pick?
Which one would you choose??
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Neither. Sometimes videos are aesthetically pleasing. Other times they're made really well. Or other times may just have that one part in the video that ruins it. Just depends on what you like to go by. Next time you watch a YouTube video just concentrate on it. Decide for yourself.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Totally depends on What it’s about lol. I don’t like from a personal perspective, I like videos that are well made

    • I like informative videos mostly, but I don't mind watching some comedy stuff too. I HATE watching people who post daily videos about their life.

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  • I do watch videos on YouTube a lot.
    But I dont really like or dislike them tbh even if I loved the video.
    I forget doing that all the time. I know its bad... I am starting to do that


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