Kong vs Godzilla?

At the end of the movie Kong skull island there is a reference to Godzilla. Does that mean there is going to be a Kong vs Godzilla movie in the future?Kong vs Godzilla?Kong vs Godzilla?Kong vs Godzilla?


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  • They're trying to build up to a monsters cinematic universe so maybe. Kong didn't do too great though I don't think.


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  • Yeah actually they're launching a monster cinematic universe. It's either next year or 2020 there's a Godzilla King of Monsters movie where he fights a bunch of Godzilla universe monsters and then a Godzilla v Kong movie the year after. Both movies were amazing watches so there's a lot of hype for these two brawling it out. Especially since they said Kong was still growing

    • Pretty cool I would love to see them. And yeah insane that Kong is still growing if they do fight I want Kong to win.

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  • Yea there's a movie in 2020 and im rootin for Kong altho Godzilla will prob cheat with his atomic breath


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