Are you a fan of Star Trek, what's your favorite series?

  • The Original Series
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  • The Next Generation
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  • Deep Space Nine
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  • Voyager
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  • Enterprise
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  • Discovery
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Tng is by far my favorite, with tos coming in second.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I liked Voyager the best, followed by TNG (rewatching that now), then Enterprise and DS9 are usually a tie for me. TOS is last for me. I can't stand to watch more than a few episodes of it.
    Picard is my favorite captain, and Riker my favorite first officer, but I liked the variety in voyager and the struggle of getting back home. I always liked the borg episodes from Voyager and TNG.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Enterprise has to be my favorite. It captured the feel of the originals with a cast I liked, some better story telling, and awesome effects

  • DS9 is easily my favorite but Voyager is a very close second


What Guys Said 5

  • Hard to say, and choose one!! I like certain characters in each. DS9 is certainly last!! Enterprise and TOS are close, for me!! TOS has a lot of 'disconnects' and 'Enterprise' explains many of those!!
    I LOVE the super short dresses and panty-peeks in TOS!!
    Then there is Voyager, Season four and on, with Seven of Nine!! Smoking!!

  • I can't say that I am a fan...
    I watched The 2009 movie and other other two sequels which has Chris Pine as Cap. J. T. Kirk.
    I am looking forward into getting deep in the franchise. Just like I got into Star Wars. Ramdomly say Ep. 3. Read that its a big deal like Star Trek. Saw the originals. Now I am a Rebel.
    Hey can you help me becoming a Star Trek fan?
    I dont know from where to start...
    I watched the one which Sir Patrick Stewart in it... Watched a bit of that movie...

  • Not really but William Shatner was the best Captain Kirk of all of them the original

  • i love star trek and the phantom menace is clearly the best

  • The whole Borg thing was just stupid and annoying.

    • Really? I think the Borg thing was a WARNING to us, about the I oT Internet of Things, and being TOO connected, in everything!! We are BECOMING the Borg, with the internet, and everything connecting, and pretty soon it will be impossible to stop it!!
      Oh, and the Terminator movies, and Skynet!!!

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