Swamp People thoughts?

Does anyone else watch the show swamp people on history channel. What do you think of it if you have watched it? Swamp People thoughts??
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  • Seems grimey

    • Well they are in the swamps and it does shot a little bit of blood because they gotta shoot em in the back of the head.

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  • dont like guns and dont like hunting but can't say i dislike the actual people in the show

    • I can see your point there. I only have one question... Do you understand a big part of the reason they hunt them?

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    • It's totally true but human nature is to pick a spot and expand from there.
      Part of the reason I like smaller communities. More in touch with nature and less issues with predators knocking on your back door, might get a couple prey types grazing on the lawn and garden though.

    • i live in a city but also have a property in rural bulgaria just like you describe. sheep dogs there aren't to control the sheep but used to fight off bears.

  • Don’t have history channel

    • That sucks. There's some good shows on there but I have a couple friends who don't have cable tv do I've just introduced them to see if they like it

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