Kong vs Godzilla! Who's team are you on?

And why?Kong vs Godzilla! Who's team are you on??
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Im so ready for Kong Vs Godzilla 2020 but im team Kong Altho i fear Godzillas gonna win with his cheatin firebreathin self. He got so beat up in the latest Godzilla film bt only won last minute due to the fire nitro mess

    • Yeah but I think Kong would be able to evade it. Kong is smart one hit isn't going to kill and after one hit he will learn and not get hit by the atomic breath. He will also be faster too.

    • Also, Kong Beat 3 dinos in 2005 king kong and then took on a huge skull so maybe he can take on one enourmous dino

Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't root for either, let them both sort out their grudges with each other. If I remembered correctly, in the original King Kong vs. Godzilla movie they decided King Kong is the winner.

    • I don't think it would be about grudges. Kong is a protector so he would see Godzilla as a threat to those who are weaker like humans and would fight for them. He is smart he isn't an ordinary animal obviously you can tell that by his size but besides that he's clever and doesn't like things being hurt or killed.

    • en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_Kong_vs._Godzilla now I remember where I read it from, Kong did come out of this one still alive and standing.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Kong forever

  • Godzilla. The only reason Kong beat him the first time was cuz plot mechanics. My boy godzilla has atomic fckn breath, how TF a monkey with some rocks beat him.

    • Lmfao exactly what I was gonna say

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    • Godzilla has armored skin and uses his tail as well. He has an aura of radioactivity and can ramp it up and release it in an aoe kind of blast (I think I'll check later when I get home). He also has better than average regenerative capabilities. Kong has no armor, and as seen in his movie, he's susceptible to damage with human created weapons never mind being able to tank an atomic Ray. Yeah. Kong could try to shove a house in Godzillas face but he won't, and even if he did godZilla could just burn it before he reached him. Or smack him away with his tail. Ffs Godzillas punted someone into outer space lol. Kong would out up a good fight but Godzilla is superior.

      However, in the movie, Kong will prob win because he's less of an antagonist than godzilla is. Godzilla is just a little dino made to destroy shit and cause chaos. So they'll prob let Kong win but I'll be rooting for my cute little murder dino the whole time.

    • “Cute little murder dino” LMFAO

What Guys Said 3

  • Kong gave Godzilla a whooping the first time, but this whole series Legendary is doing is led by the Godzilla franchise so I pick him.

  • Godzilla is the best and also godzilla would win easy not even a fair fight for king kong

  • Who is making it?


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