Started listening to this?

So I have been listening to Linkin Park lately. Their songs are making me sad but I enjoy while listening to them.
Does anyone have any good to give me to hear out?
For now my top 3 are
1. Numb
2. Castle of glass
3. In the end


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  • Not by Linkin Park, but try 'Not Okay' by My Chemical Romance


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  • I pretty much grew up listening to Linkin park and recently got back to listening their songs again. The ones I like the most are :
    1. Crawling
    2. Runaway
    3. Place for my head
    4. Faint
    Also I liked some of the new ones like Sharp edges, One more light and Heavy.

    • I heard heavy but its not same without you know who. That guy is a legend. I think was also singing Numb. I can listen that song anytime. Great song.

    • Yeah so sad he's gone. His voice was awesome and majority of songs helps to get through tough times.

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  • Try "one more light" it's so beautiful that song 😭😭


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