What martial art is the best, most useful, or funnest and why?

I really want to do a martial art like bjj or muay tai but I was wondering if they're any good and obviously if they actually fun to do, and include sparring.

Also I want to steer clear of any that are actually useless and not even fighting like tai chi.

As a side note there's loads of taekwondo clubs near me, is that any good or nah?


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  • Muay Thai is interesting. But if you go deep too much. It would be dangerous. Any way it’s another good one. I like it too.


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  • Why not do more than one? All martial arts have proven to be useful. That said if I have to pick one it’d be bjj first. Once a fight goes to the ground you’d have them beat. I know that they rely heavily on sparring and there are lots of opportunities to spar in tournaments. I believe they focus on rolls. I think you should look again at wing chun, that shits fast af. For taekwondo, you gotta be hella careful and look at each school carefully. Lots of TKD schools teach you watered down forms. Try and find an itf school otherwise be careful when looking at wtf schools. Apologies for the jumbled text. I can say I have enjoyed doing taekwondo, but just be sure they’re legit if you do so. I’m considering boxing or wing chun since taekwondo focuses more on kicking and takedowns.


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  • If you really want to learn to actually be able to defend yourself on the streets. Definitely go for Krav Maga. It's basically a militarized MMA. It got the best from Boxing, Karate, Muay Thai, Wrestling, BJJ etc..

    Includes lots of really nasty tricks and moves that aren't taught or even allowed in most formal martial arts. Some of these dirty moves are really merciless, but worrying about not hurting the other shouldn't be of importance when your life is in physical danger.

    • Also, when you're in a life threathening situation and your brain loses its finer motor functions. Then unless you have worked on perfecting the art for YEARS, you will not be able to perform the techniques required for that specific scenario.

      Krav Maga on the other hand, is based around the body's natural reaction in certain situations. Which means, even if you're not that well-trained, you will still be able to pull of the moves needed.

    • Cool Ty I'm gonna look it up, sounds hardcore af

  • I honestly like wing chung or drunken boxing. But both are very rare to find.

    • Yeah but I hear wing Chung is one of these ones that's not actually good for fighting

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    • But I also kinda wanna grapple too

    • If you have seen any wing chung videos you can see that they rapidly give light punches to the face and body. It's very impressive I'll admit to be able to punch that fast and have a decent amount of power. I fell in love with wing chung from the ip man series.

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