What's your NBA top players tiers?

So Nick WrightWhat's your NBA top players tiers?

Yeah that guy. A avid member of the Lebron James Justice coalition (courtesy of RBthebreakthrough). Probably the most well known member... I mean he's like the Captain America of the group. There's also members Colin Cowherd, Shannon Sharpe, Brian Windhorst, etc. Chris Broussard is well on his way to being a member. This select group say foolish things in an effort to support the claim that Lebron is the best ever. But that's besides the point. Nick Wright created a tier chart that shows who in the current NBA belongs where. Of course like a good member of the coalition he has Lebron at the sole top. Maybe you'll agree with him, but I was wondering what your chart would consist of. You can add or subtract players. Add more or less tiers. However you want.

Here's Nick's list:

What's your NBA top players tiers?
Using the players in his tier chart I'll make my own.

1. Durant, Harden, Lebron, Steph, Westbrook

2. AD, CPIII, Kwahi,

3. Ben Simmons, Butler, Cousins, Derozen, Embiid, Giannis, Kyrie, Lillard, PG

What's yours?


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  • Nick wright is a dipshit. He literally sucks lbj off every waking hour of the day.

    • This is true.

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    • I actually think a dame, curry and Durant can in the right conditions. Mostly cause Curry basically did it in college and him and dame have unlimited range with stupid accuracy and can pass and Durant is 6’10 who can shoot like a guard. But that’s another debate, I suppose.

      Again, I don’t expect him to. I think he’s good. I just don’t subscribe to him being a top 5 player like most people cause most top 5 players can lead scrub teams at least to the playoffs and make teams that much better. It’s almost like when people were on Ben simmons’ dick in college when he couldn’t even get LSU to the ncaa tourney. How’s everyone comparing you to lbj, but can’t get to 500 in the sec (which was weak then), let alone be in the top 68 of cbb?

    • Dame didn't have shit in college either. He came out of like Webber State or some shit lol. CJ did it too. Remember when he led Lehigh to beat a stacked Duke team? But yeah I remember Curry was leading a shitty team in college. I saw him play live and in person. Yeah I guess it's another debate. Dame is legit.

      Well AD has made it to the playoffs once and he's probably going again this season. As for Ben Simmons look at him now though. He's blowing the ROY race out the park. And the 76ers are playoff team... and I don't know how you feel about Ebiid but he's arguably the best player on the team.

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  • I'm not really into sports. But I can tell you the comprehensive history of Greece, Israel, Persia, Islam, Christianity, and many more, if you like. With dates and names. :DD


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