So Guillermo Del Toro finally won Best picture for Shape of water, does this make up for all the times the Academy had fucked him over?

Guillermo Del Toro is easily one of the best Directors out there. He is up there with guys like Spielberg or Francis Ford Coppola.
However the Academy in thr past has severely fucked him over.
First big fuck you to Mr. Del Toro, at the 79th Academy Awards Pan's Labyrinth, one of the greatest films in all of history, lost best foreign film to a German Film called, the lives of others.
Then in 2014 at the 8th Academy Awards his film Pacific Rim, the most visually appealing movie of the year, yes more than Gravity, was not even Nominated for best special effects.
You know what was, THE LONE RANGER a film that despite being set in Texas, the film that had me, my dad, my brother, and my step grandfather all thinking, That doesn't look like Texas and everything was so obviously CGI. A. the best western have shot in the actual outdoors in the modern west. B. If you are going to use CGI in a film supposedly set in Texas, why not make it look like fucking Texas.


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  • I hated Pacific rim. I do love his other movies.


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  • I think it's ok; better later than never, haha. xD At least Guillermo Del Toro has now won Best Director and Best Picture, and now has multiple Oscars under his belt. The Academy has a long history of screwing over good movies, good actors, and good filmmakers, and many of them are unluckier than Del Toro is because they have no Oscars at all.

    Keep in mind that Alfred Hitchcock himself never won Best Director.

    And actor Peter O'Toole (the Lawrence of Arabia himself) was nominated 8 times for Best Actor and never won. The Academy let him go to their show time after time... to watch himself lose. And now, they've LET THE MAN DIE without giving him an Oscar, lol. Del Toro is now one of the luckier ones, at least.

    Also keep in mind this is the same Academy that has given Jennifer Lawrence an Oscar lol, plus 3 other nominations... while better actresses like Emily Blunt (who easily blows Lawrence away in everything) has had ZERO Oscar nominations. Sally Hawkins's other movie recently (besides "Shape of Water") was "Maudie", and it was great in almost every aspect (including a Best Actress-worthy performance by her as the lead) but was nominated for zero Oscars. And her co-star Ethan Hawke (who gave a Best Actor-worthy performance himself) was snubbed as well, receiving no recognition from the Oscars or any of the major award shows.

  • Well Del Toro is awesome, and I did like shape of water, but I don't think it deserved to win best picture. Giving it to him now certainly doesn't make up for snubbing him before

    • That's my problem with the academy, they snubbed so many people.
      Star wars lost to Annie hall, Saving Private Ryan to Shakespeare in love,
      They snubbed Pacino for godfather part 2, gave him a consolation Oscar for scent of a woman, which snubbed Denzel Washington for Malcolm x and they gave him a prize for Training day as consolation

    • Yeah it's crap, although I'm happy they didn't give it to Get Out just to not be called racist lol

    • >>>>>>"Star wars lost to Annie hall, Saving Private Ryan to Shakespeare in love,"

      Haha yes, the 1998 movies. xD Not only was "Saving Private Ryan" there, but also "The Thin Red Line". As wrong as it was, I have to admit there was something funny about two big-budget, ambitious, epic 3-hour war movies with great visuals, acting, music, and emotion -- losing out to "Shakespeare in Love". xD

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  • No he's terrible bit at least they didn't pander to feminists who think that a having a vagina entitles a director to awards


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