Favourite scary movie?

And favourite moments
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  • Lol i used to ask this question all the time. Scary movie 1 is my fave. I just love Cindys dumb moments but my fave scene is when Brendas in the theater or when old girl gets her head chopped off and say its blood all over her gucci sweater. Haha and i like when they yell RAY FCKED ME!
    I also love Scary Movie 2. Love the basketball scene and the I CAN SUCK IT MYSELF scene haha. And of course the charlies angels batter where old girl has inflatable tits. Lmao and of course the hand in pie scene hahah.
    Lastly, i love Scary Movie 4. The viagra scene was awesome haha and the little grudge bou screaming/cussing at Cindy. Oh yea and the broke back mountain tent scene with the nuts. Lol and Dr Phil cuttin off the wrong foot 😂
    Scary Movie 3 was ok but lacked the Wayans Bros. Scary Movie 5 was absolutely awful

  • 2, when the pot plant rolls the pothead up and smokes him


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