Need some help?

I'm very big in the arts, but I've hit a road block, I don't know what to draw. Any suggestions?Need some help.?Need some help.?Need some help.?


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  • Oh my gosh!!! Oh my gosh!!! Oh my gosh!!!
    This is so cool, im also a big fan of arts myself but I don't draw as good as you. That anime is soo freaking cute, i love anime. How much I wish I could draw like that, 😣😣😣.
    Draw your... dream girl?
    Well there is a suggestion, or maybe another cute anime couple.

    • I'm currently working on a couple picture, but I've stopped it for now because I need a change of pace from it

    • Soo cool! Make sure to post it. I'll sure be checking it out.

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  • nice! man,
    I have a little book I use that when ever I hit a creative block, with a pen (don't erase mistakes) will draw circles squares triangles swirls anything abract. and while drawing you'll start to see shapes and ideas that form for poses, positions, mechs, space ships, creatures, all start these ideas floods your mind.

    also have you ever opened a coloring book and have seen a page where there is just a random line and it tells you to finish it? it's the same concept.

    Hope this helps.


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  • Just draw anything you don't normally draw. Have you ever tried drawing nature, trees and valleys? Go read a chapter from your favorite book or poem and draw something they describe. Draw Edgar Allan Poe's chamber door (:

    • OMG, literally just read the Raven. And yes, I am a very good nature artist.

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    • Uhh realized I sounded sarcastic, Im not trying to be lol I really do think you're good at drawing. And I was just tryna inspire you you fucking artistically talented fuck (the insults are sarcasm huehuehue)

    • I get it mate. Trust me, my mind is fun of art, but it's like putty, not formed, not firm. Not until I start it

  • draw your favorite anime male or female.


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