Who loves feeling strong?

i started going to the gym again last week and its really the best choice i have made. i used to say i dont have time classes night shifts. but, fuck that. i had a terrible months and it helped more than medicine i love feeling strong. i love putting my anger on smthg. i love just going whenever i have even just an hour. i love expressing my anger and i love screaming my way i love lifting weights even my couch told me u want to vengence from steel or smthg. i go in angry frustrated on the edge of crying i go out happy strong and active i just so llove feeeling strong and i love the pain call me crazy but i llove it when my muscles r sore and i feel like im healing


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  • Going to the gym releases natural endorphins that make the body feel better and more energized. Its a natural reaction. It feels amazing. Not only does it get rid of stress, but it allows you to look better and get on a routine that benefits your life

    • IM HAPPIER and stronger i just love pain and hormones

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    • ohh really thank u have an amaizing day full of hapiness

    • Thanks! Same w u!

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  • i love feeling strong, it's great! i've been working out for almost 2 years now and one time my male friend punch my arm to play the punch each other game guys always play together, i just flexed my arm and tanked his punch like a boss, his punch felt like a mosquito bite. then i punched his arm back, it made this very loud noise that sounds like a slap and his eyes got all watery while he was saying it doesn't hurt. it was funny as hell!


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  • You look way older than 22


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